Here’s the deal: Whether you admit it or not, everyone is constantly judging you based on how you look.

That new boss at your firm? He’s already decided what he thinks of you by the time you shake his hand.

That girl/guy you like at the bar? She/he already knows how she/he is going to react the moment you say “Hi”.

We live in a horribly superficial society, but this is the cold harsh truth — and you know it.

Now, let me ask you a question:

What if you could finally take advantage of the importance of making a good first impression,

instead of being a victim of it?

Hi, my name is Fabiana Palano, and I’m a professional

fashion consultant.

Over the years, I’ve had the good pleasure of working with hundreds of men and women who wanted to improve their style and their appearance without suffering from daily headaches over what to wear.

After working with hundreds of clients, I’ve developed and perfected a process I call «The Ultimate Fashion Makeover», a specific kind of fashion consulting that allows me to pinpoint exactly what kind of clothes best fit your physique, skin color and personality.

After learning more about you, I will build a customized «style matrix» that takes into account your physique, your age, your skin color, AND your personality. Using a complex ranking system, this will allow me to determine how your clothes need to fit, what color you need to wear, and which brands you need to choose.

And then, you will be able to enjoy effortlessly looking like the best version of yourself all the time, without ever having to worry about knowing what to wear!

Sounds interesting? Well, this isn’t just empty talk, too. Take a look at some of the comments of my clients.


Artist - New York

Fabiana is Fabulous! Shopping with her was one of my highlights in NYC. She is not only professional and knowledgeable, but also kind and fun. Within a minute she made me feel like I was shopping with a stylish best friend. At the shops you will be treated like a VIP. I loved each time she told the sales clerks that she’s my stylist. Shopping was so never so easy. She will take pictures of all the outfit combination you try on, which was the best. By the end of the trip I had a whole Spring/Summer lookbook for myself. I am really happy with all the items I bought. At certain stores, she will hook you up with discounts which was a huge advantage. I was able to shop within my budget thanks to that extra $$ off. I ended the trip with big smile on my face. Fabiana, thanks for making the day so special with your energy. You are a wonderful designer, stylist, and a businesswoman. I hope only good things will come your way!


Actor - New York

FABIANA was FABULOSA! She showed my girlfriend and I a wonderful experience in the heart of NYC. Originally, I was looking to gift my gf a style session but when I saw Fabiana has two slots open I thought it would be a fun experience for us to do as a couple. Neither one of us feels super confident at shopping and sometimes the experience can even feel a little stressful BUT we wanted to feel good in what we wear. Luckily, Fabiana was a great fit for us. Fabiana's attitude was lovely - encouraging, empathetic, energetic. She really listened to us and got an idea of what we wanted to aim for style-wise and what we wanted the look(s) for (in our case, to serve specific needs of our acting careers). She blended what we knew we liked with things we may not have tried out before. I even found myself really liking pieces that, at first glance, I would've passed over or outright disliked. She listened to our budget concerns as well and I loved that we got to take photos of outfits for inspiration and example, and that we had the chance to buy them that same day at the store OR save the lessons learned for cheaper threads (confession: my favorite piece was 50% off that day so I'm glancing up and smiling at my new James Dean jacket as I write this review). Don't be afraid to pull an example of something you do like or to tell her there's an item you would never see yourself wearing (me personally, pre-ripped jeans) - she loves honesty and letting her know your true point of view helps her help you. My partner and I are so happy we met with Fabiana and I may honestly do another session with her before too long. 


US Coast Guard - New York

“I was hesitant about changing my style up but when I met Fabiana everything changed. She has an amazing personality and really knows what she’s talking about; she took photos of every single outfit so you could compare each one. Not only does she pick out each outfit, she teaches you how to do it yourself, which is what I really took from my experience with her. The entire experience was not rushed at all, and she worked really hard to find outfits I genuinely enjoyed. 10/10 I highly recommend Fabiana to anyone looking to up their fashion game. ”


Fashion Student and Social Media Influencer - Paris

Fabiana is AMAZING. She sticks to the style you wish to achieve, yet what fits you better. She’d got a great taste, the best of both worlds: America and Europe. She’s super nice and very professional.  She is inspiring and very passionate about her work. She picked out outfits I would never think to try on and I ended up loving them! Would definitely do it again. Highly recommended!


Engeneer - Arkansas

Would recommend this to anybody looking to change there look and step out of there normal ! Fabiana is more than just a beautiful face , she is a very strong and passionate person that cares about what she does! I had an absolutely wonderful experience! She is very knowledgeable of the shops, styles and colors to compliment ones self. She had an amazing personality to match her style, but also very down to earth and easy to talk to ! I will definitely be back to have this experience again for a different season!

Here’s why I can afford to do this:


First of all, I LOVE helping people, and there’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing someone looking better than they ever have.

Second, and most important, I know how my system delivers fast results, and so I’m confident that I can completely get to the point in which you want to be in few hours of analysis and styling.

Looking forward to meet you!