Why Working Women Struggle With Finding Their Personal Style?

New Client Question: I have a harder time finding casual clothes I like and feel comfortable in (vs. work clothes). Is that normal?

There’s nothing more normal actually. 95% of my clients are working women which means that they spend a lot of their time at the office, a place with a built-in culture that sets the expectations for how they dress. Spending five days a week thinking about dressing for the offices means they learn what they feel comfortable in faster than they would in their personal life.

Once you’ve been in the workforce for a little while you develop an understanding of where to get “work” clothes. Whether you shop at Ann Taylor or have a few go-to brands you know are “safe” for work, like Theory or Tahari, there’s some roadmap for where to shop. The same roadmap for getting dressed isn't as clear for our personal lives.

As women begin to approach their 30’s and 40’s, their lives tend to shift a lot. They are busier and, often, their priorities have shifted to their families, career or a serious relationship (or all three). Clients in this phase of life often think they’ve “lost” their style. They haven’t.

What’s happened is that the different casual contexts that they show up in has changed (think baby showers, weddings, school functions, playdates) but there is no one "go-to" store for casual style. At the very same time that all of these changes in their personal life are taking place, their bodies often start to change. Now, faced with new bodies, less time and even less mental space, they have to try to figure out what makes them feel confident without the time they had in their 20’s to experiment and find out. Naturally, something as seemingly routine as getting dressed starts to feel overwhelming.

The process I go through with every client allows them the space they need to really take a look at what makes them feel good at this specific stage of their life. Once we identify the signature style that makes them feel good, I help them get the missing pieces and build the looks that will take them from work to weekend confidently. We do all of this in two hour blocks over the course of three days which eliminates overwhelm and produces fast results.

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