Anything that sounds like it won't make sense usually looks amazing.

The soft with the hard. The casual with the elegant. Trust me. It works. Unpredictable is far more interesting than predictable. It is what is going to make you look different.

Mixing it up is not about looking staged. It's supposed to be personal. Keep those items that are uniquely you. Mixing it up means taking the unexpected and making it yours.

In this video I matched Fur and Leather: these two fabrics will always look good together, exactly because they are able to capture your eyes in an unexpected way.

Same thing about matching #black and #white with #red. With the stripes or with the dots they are able to create a great contrast, that is catch the attention without being too loud.

Style is about these imperfect mixes and these unusual juxtapositions. You don't want to be invisible, but you don't want to look like you're trying too hard. The perfect balance is reached not when everything is perfectly matched, but when you let something breaking the rules.

Take a look to Kate Moss. She always look like she is leaving something off. Her hair is messy, her accessories don't match, her shirt is rumpled. And yet, she looks amazing.

Style is about to know how to have fun with your clothes and make them boost your confidence.

Same example of the previous girl in the video, but with a different jacket.

This time the pants are black and the red is on the jacket.

I love the "Rock'n Roll" effect that comes out from these colors: it pops you up and it claims your space, in a sophisticated but powerful way.