Why Personal Stylists in the stores sucks (and how my story made me a different one)

The clothes are not just an outfit. They are a statement.

You see when you watch a movie or a tv show, look at the characters: their costumes are chosen to reflect what they are experiencing and feeling. They communicate who they are, what they do, what they want. And whether you realize it or not, this is exactly what you do every time you get dressed. 

The world uses the way we dress to draw conclusions about us, and the goal here is to take advantage of the importance of making a good first impression instead of being a victim of it.


When I dress somebody, I really pay close attention to his identity and personality and not to just some blanket view of “Fashion”.

Dressing somebody is about expressing your energy and not about putting that energy inside a pre-packed Fashion Scheme in which you feel like “this is just no me”. 

I remember that what was making me feel unfashionable and awkward when I was a teen ager, (yes, I went through that phase) was the desire to fit in that certain stereotype of fashion that was considered on trend, that was representing the expensive taste of the well dressed people and that was approved from all the fashionistas of this world, so I was going in that famous store of the city, and I was trying on that famous brand that everybody like, and I was just feeling wrapped like a baked potato in the tin-foil.

I didn’t know who I was, either who I wanted to be, and when we don’t know something we just imitate what other people do, we do what other people tell us is the right thing to do. We just follow the stream, trying to incapsulate ourselves in a vision that does not belong to us, but when it comes to do this with clothing, damn, this is what YOU are wearing, this is going to define who YOU are, and it’s so personal that you cannot rely on some abstract idea of fashion that someone else invented for you.

So how do we get to the bottom of this?

For me it has been a long process. And can I be honest? I hated it. I am NOT that Fashionista that will tell you “Oh God, I have been loving Fashion my whole life, I love clothing, and you’ll love them with me!” 


What I will tell you is:

I was born poor and I didn’t have money to buy clothing. BUT my curse, turned out to be my BLESSING. You know why?

Because from there, I learnt. If at that time I had a mom ready to buy all the clothes I want, I would now probably be plain and boring like most of the rich people who just buy expensive stuff with no creativity.

I had to make my imagination work its ass out. I had to develop a creative thinking able to make me look as I wanted to, with the lowest budget ever. There was where I learnt. Going to that store, putting these expensive clothes on me, was just reducing my identity to a label that was supposed to give me that worth that I was feeling like missing. Wearing big names on you doesn’t make you big. What makes you, and me, the best version of ourselves is transforming what we are wearing in the natural sound of our voice.

When now I choose clothing for my clients during my styling sessions, I make them talk to me. Meantime I go through clothing I ask them who they are - what music you like? Are you the type that goes out dancing or stay in watching movies? What are you ambitions? Who you wanted to be when you was a kid? And so I choose pieces of clothing just dressing up that CHARACTER that they are describing, just imagining how would that character best express himself through colors, shapes, jackets, jeans.

And you know, I use that same process I learnt as a young teenager, and I can do it so well because I get your frustration, I have been there, I know how you feel trying so hard to dress up without getting anywhere. And, I found a way to fix it. 

And today, I apply it on hundreds on people, and it evolved and improved with me and my experience.

So my point is I am not that Chiara Ferragni that looks like she always have had everything figured out.

That kind of person will be amazing dressing herself up, with her own style, but as soon as it comes to dress somebody else, she will try to apply her same style on that other person. 

What I am, is a person like you, that had to deal with the frustration of not knowing how all this dressing thing works, and that, at the end, she figured out a process to make it work. And now I want to share it with as many people as possible, because there is a way, you can dress extremely well without having to buy 8.000 $ of Gucci bag, and by now, I have 104 reviews from people amazed by this process.

So what I believe is that what we are, is what we are able to leave in other people.

What defines us, more then everything else, is the trail we leave behind us, leaving to other people what you have been blessed to get to learn by yourself.

And this is the reason why I started this journey. The first styling session in New York City, with my first client, was 30$. I knew I was doing it not for money but to build something bigger, to chase the best version of myself, doing something I love.

And what I love, impressively for a stylist, is not clothing or fashion. What I love, is people.

And if you read my reviews literally everybody wrote down that they felt empathy, friendship, authenticity.

Most stylist, loves fashion more then they love people, and they ended up behind hold to an idea of fashion that for them comes BEFORE then everybody else personality. And for this reason when you get into the stores, and you ask advices to the people working there, you feel like everything they show you is awkward and you end up just leaving, thinking that if they are the experts and those pieces are high fashion, so there’s probably something wrong with you, because you would never wear that stuff.

This is because they are putting fashion before people.

What I do, is putting people before fashion. And I know how to do it, because when everybody in that city in which I was born was telling me to go buy clothing in that fancy store, making me feel miserable because I wasn’t able to fit in them or either to buy them, at some point I decided that I just wasn’t like everybody else, and I decided to put myself first, ahead of this conception of fashion that wasn’t representing me, I broke the rules, i inverted the process, and I found my formula.

And now I want to help everybody is feeling like I was, to be a rebel like I have been.

Just to win on that society idea of fashion that wants us to be victim instead of creator.