Does Getting Dressed Feel Hard? Here's Why.

In the scheme of life getting dressed can seem like a pretty straightforward activity… until it starts to feel hard more days than it doesn’t.

When we feel off in your clothes it impacts our mood and mindset which are the two most important elements of being successful at anything we do. Here’s how you get your morning routine back on track and gain your confidence back when you’re suffering from wardrobe burnout.

You’re not planning ahead

I’m not sure about you but I’m not fully human until I’ve had coffee and stared at a wall for 30 minutes after I wake up. That means mornings aren’t exactly the best time for me to head to my closet and try to predict what will make me feel my best. If you’re anything like me and you wait until the morning to plan what you’re going to wear, you’re basically doing the sartorial equivalent of grocery shopping on an empty stomach and then wondering why it’s not working out for you.

Plan your outfits the night before. Always. Even more points for planning out five days of outfits  on Sunday night for the week ahead.

You’re missing signature pieces

Signature pieces are those items in your closet that make you feel like a million bucks. Many of us focus on basics and forget that the real magic when it comes to personal style come from our signature pieces. These are also the pieces that we integrate with basics to create outfits that make up feel put together. Examples of common statement pieces are shoes, accessories and layers that pop and turn an average outfit amazing.

You Need To Rethink Your Attitude Towards Shopping Many women think they should just “know“ what their style is without spending time looking for inspiration or browsing and trying on clothes just for the sake of it. Most busy women wait to shop when they have a perceived deficit or gap in their closet and then wonder why they have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. The energy with which we shop impacts the way we feel when we’re get dressed in the morning. If we are shopping from an emotional place that says  “Ugh, I just need something to put on my body to go to this job/ baby shower/ bbq/ photo shoot/ networking event that won’t make me look fat” then we’re missing an opportunity to use clothes to show up braver and more confidently in our lives. In this mental space, we’re focusing on avoiding an insecurity instead of enhancing our joy. So, it’s no surprise that when you get dressed in the morning, or for that event, you’re going to be in a less than amazing mood. This is why I highly recommend clients do a sizable shop once a season vs. shopping all season long. Planning ahead and with intentionality allows you to manage your mindset because you don’t feel the immediate pressure (and piled on insecurities which always get heightened under pressure) of finding something to wear in a limited amount of time.

You’re Missing The Finishing Piece

Sometimes getting dressed is harder than it needs to be because you are missing one or two items that would make a big difference in completing a lot of outfits. This is one that happens a lot when seasons change. Examples of common missing pieces are shoes, layers and undergarments (especially body shapers like Spanx or a strapless bra). This one is as simple as prioritizing carving out some time to shop online or head to the store to pick up what’s missing.

If any or all of these resonate with you and you want some help tackling your closet so you have a wardrobe that makes you feel amazing every single day, get in touch. I’m booking a limited number of wardrobe refresh services and I’d love to help you streamline your style and your mornings.