How many times

have you spent hours staring at your closet that is stuck of dresses but

it doesn't seem to have anything suitable for you to wear?

Have you found yourself

putting something on only to take it off again a few minutes later?

Do you keep going back to the same outfits?

How many times

turn out to be big mistakes and most articles are worn only once or twice.

Many clothing purchase

My job

will be understand what styles work better for you and helps you avoid making costly mistakes.

I will work with you to coordinate your true image.

I will help you discover what colors, shapes and styles work best for you, to help you become who you really are or want to be.


Step 1


I will review and highlight your lifestyle to determine your true style identity.

How would you like to be viewed? What impression would you like to give of yourself?

I’ll review your favorite designers and stores.

I’ll also do a color analysis to determine which colors you should wear based on your skin complexion, hair color and eye color.

Step 2


We always want to make the difference and to look appropriate at the same time. Not too fancy, not too boring.

How can we get it?  We will go around the city together, visiting the best spots of New York in which you will have the best shopping experience, based on your budget, your specific body type and your special occasions (party,

date, travel, business).

It will be a full day all about you, building your personal style and getting out from you the best that you can be.

Step 3

We will perform a full makeover of your entire wardrobe, incorporating the old pieces with the new ones and creating a look-book of the optimal outfits for all the various aspects of your lifestyle. So you will have always a choice to mix and match clothing that we have previously arranged together:

you will not stress out yourself anymore.