I will build outfits head to toe tailored on you, on your taste and budget.

I will help you to find brands and online stores that represents the way in which you want to express yourself and I will create looks enhancing your body type, your skin tone and your personality.


I will follow you in the process of creating a new wardrobe that suits you and your lifestyle, giving you a large number of resources to draw from.


 Before &After 


This is what your life looks right now

This is what your life looks with a stylist



  • Online clothing stores that reflect your style identity

    your budget and your preferences, so you are free from the hussle of having to look for them into the maze of the internet. And you can keep using them forever, after the styling session with me.

  • Handpicked outfits head to toe

    customized on your vision, on your body type, on your lifestyle. Many clothing purchases turn out to be big mistakes and most articles are worn only once or twice. My job will be working with you to coordinate your true image, discovering what colors, shapes and styles work best for you, to help you become who you really are or want to be.

  • A digital look-book of the optimal outfit

    for all the various aspects of your lifestyle. So that for any occasion you will always have a choice of clothes to mix and match, that we have previously arranged together: you will not stress yourself out anymore about what to wear.



Question: How do I receive the styled outfits?

Answer: Like this, in your email:

Question: How much it cost?

Answer: It costs 200$ and it includes 2 rounds of 5/6 tailored outfits (one every week)

Question: What if I don't like none of the outfits?

Answer: If you don't like the first round of outfits, the second will be adjusted to your preferences and you will get a third round as a bonus.

If you are not satisfied, you'll get 100% of your money back

Question: Can I choose the stores/the brands and you just put together things from the brands I select?

Answer: Yes. You can pick the brand, the price, everything you need. I will draw inside your lines, trying to push you a little outside of your comfort zone, to have some fun.